Why Vodka?

“Dubbed the odorless, flavorless spirit.”


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Vodka is one of the most essential mixers for cocktails and used more than any other spirit.

A good Vodka has subtle character, the ability to taste the base ingredients, character of the spirit and little to NO AFTER BURN!

Smilov Spirits is Made from W.A winter Wheat and ripened and dried in the summer sun giving it a peppery, aniseed and lemon zest flavor.

We have been asked the question for the past 18 Months as we have embarked on this new journey releasing our Vodka label. Why Vodka?

Several other beverages have all hit the market with a range of flavors, botanicals, and ingredients to constantly supply and keep up with an ever-changing consumer appetite.

However, one constant that never changes is the appetite for quality, craft, and local products.

We decided to focus on creating a product that was locally made with local W.A ingredients and had the quality and smoothness to turn non-Vodka drinkers into Vodka drinkers. We set out to create a neutral premium Vodka that was great for adding to cocktails and mixers yet smooth enough to have on its own.

The number one issue and feedback we received from the hundreds of people that we spoke to and sampled our product with was the fact that Vodka, even the premium brands still had a poor after taste to go along with the Vodka burn. This was the first focus point we set out to conquer, a unique taste and no after burn and we have achieved that.

The other advantage is from a health perspective. In a health-conscious market people still want to be able to enjoy a drink but without the sugar, preservatives and other mixers which are not ideal. Having a Low calorie, Gluten Free, No Sugar spirit that can be enjoyed with a slice of lemon and soda water is a great option for those who are mindful about their overall health. A Vodka Soda is one of the lowest calorie drinks you can have!

You may not be a Vodka drinker but perhaps you have not tried what a quality locally made premium Vodka can and should taste like.

Give it a shot! Or two!

Mitch & Mary Smilovitis

Founders of Smilov Spirits

Smilov Spirits is 100% online and we sell our Premium Australian Vodka all over Australia. We have contracts with Auspost and a range of logistics companies to ensure your Vodka gets to you safe and fast ready for your next cocktail. All orders can be made via the following link and all orders over $100 have FREE SHIPPING.

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