What Home Bar Will You Choose?

Whether you’re just beginning to make cocktails and appreciate spirits, or you’ve been mixing for years, learn how to set up a space that not only has all the essential tools but is also beautiful and inspires you to try new things here.

The Bar Cart

There’s no denying that bar carts are one of the hottest furnishings around—it’s hard to spot a chic space without one. If you have room for one, bar carts make a great dedicated area for mixing a drink, and they’re welcoming enough that guests feel comfortable walking up and making their own. If your bar cart is open, be mindful of organizing it neatly. You may even want to store your less frequently used items in a pantry, so it doesn’t look too cluttered or messy.

The Console Table

Transform any console table, sideboard, or credenza into a bar by simply topping it with a tray. Corral your bottles, decanters, bitters, and glasses on top of the table, and store your essential bar tools in a nearby drawer or in a vessel. Leave room for lamps and small décor elements to keep your console functional and decorative.

The Subtle Tray

Much like a console table, the surface of any bookcase or bookshelf can easily be transformed into a bar. Simply arrange it by category, with spirits on one shelf, glasses on another, and so on. If you don’t have an entire bookshelf to dedicate to your spirits, simply use a tray on top of a smaller piece of furniture. Surrounding art and wall décor will help keep your bartending tools from being the focal point of the room if that’s not your desired look.

The Built-in Wet Bar

Have a bona fide wet bar (bar with a sink) in your home? Then, you have no excuse not to sharpen your mixology skills. In addition to all the other bar essentials you’ll need (keep scrolling for those), you should also keep a bar towel handy and place a small trash can under the sink, in case you’re washing glasses or using fresh ingredients. A setup like this is sure to impress.

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