Unique Cocktails to make With Smilov Vodka!

Natural Vodka is one of the best natural drinks in the world and can be great in many things. With its soft texture and natural flavours natural vodka is the soul of many classic cocktails.

Even in the present time, vodka is considered one of the best party drinks in the world. This tells how important vodka is to the world. Natural vodka like Smilov vodka increases the fun of vodka and it’s cocktails to the next level.

No matter what’s the price or your preference, vodka is one of the main ingredients of most of the cocktails. Moreover, the taste of natural vodka in any cocktail is magical and feels excellent.

Today, let’s understand how you get the most from your Smilov Vodka. Given below are some of the cocktails that are very easy to make and only need some ingredients.


Think about the vodka cocktail, which has the twist like spa water. Q-cumber is a Classic Cocktail and tastes very special and cool when we add a crisp and bright taste of lime with cucumber and our premium Vodka.

Q-Cumber cocktail is one of the most refreshing cocktails and can easily be made in your home.

Use the following ingredients:

  • Smilov Vodka

  • Six portions of tonic water

  • A squeeze of lime

  • Glass with ice

  • Cucumber Slices or Muddled

Muddle cucumber and ice in a cocktail strainer. Add the tonic water to the glass and squeeze the lime for better taste. After this, you can garnish the cocktail with a slice of lime or cucumber.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is one of the most famous cocktails of all times. This drink increases the magic of natural vodka to the next level. If you want to make this cocktail, then you need to directly add two tea bags or one tablespoon of tea leaves to the fifth of natural vodka. Then shake the mixture, and let the mixture rest for 3-4 hours straight. If you want to add something else, then mix the iced tea, lemonade and mixed vodka together.

You just have to add the following ingredients:

  • 2 ounces of tea and vodka mix

  • 1 ounce of honey

  • 1 ounce of natural lemon juice

Add all these ingredients and ice to the shaker, and pour the mixture into the glass. Now you can enjoy the fantastic shots of Arnold Palmer.

Vodka sour

Whiskey is everyone’s favourite when it comes to liquors. However, natural vodka like Smilov Vodka also does a great job of creating a great sour drink. You just have to mix one portion of sour, two portions of spirit, and one portion of sweet.

Moreover, you can change the lime water for lemon water if you want to create a fantastic margarita drink for your friends who cannot take the tequila shots.

You just have to add the following ingredients:

  • One portion of fresh lemon juice

  • Two portions of Smilov Vodka

  • One portion of normal syrup

Mix all the ingredients in a shaker and also add ice to it. Now you are ready to serve your vodka sour and surprise your friends.


The happiness comes when you create the flavors of your childhood drinks in your adult beverages. Creamsicle is such a type of drink, and you’ll be amazed at how good this drink is. With the help of natural vodka, you can easily make this sweet and light drink. This drink can be made as a dessert drink.

Moreover, there are also many add-on options with this drink, like orange juice and vanilla ice cream.

You just have to add the following ingredients:

  • Two portions of Smilov Vodka

  • Four portions of Creamy Soda

  • Ten pieces of dashed oranges(e.g. Angostura Orange)

Now you just have to pour these ingredients into a glass filled with ice and stir the mixture. Now you are ready to reenjoy your childhood flavours in your creamsicle drink.

Spiced cider

Many people don’t think that vodka can make for a hot and spicy drink. Mostly vodka is considered an ingredient for icy drinks. However, Spiced cider is one of the vodka cocktails that is for cold weather. You just have to mix natural vodkas like Smilov vodka with seasonal mixes and baking spices.

This cocktail gives ultimate satisfaction when served in a warm condition. Moreover, it also pairs extremely nicely with things such as pancakes to pizzas.

You just have to add the following ingredients:

  • Three portions of apple cider vinegar

  • Two portions of Smilov vodka

  • Two portions of black tea

Mix these three ingredients in a glass container and garnish the cocktail with a sprinkle of spice like cinnamon powder. Now you are all set to enjoy your cocktail made with natural vodka in cold weather.

Spicy and Sweet

This sweet and spicy drink works best with a vodka that has a velvety and smooth texture. Moreover, this magical drink gives you a delicious and spicy flavour in the starting and gives a sweet finishing. Smilov vodka gives a unique taste to it and makes your drink memorable.

You just have to add the following ingredients:

  • According to the glass or shaker you used, add Smilov vodka.

  • One teaspoon honey

  • Black peppercorns according to your taste requirements

Don’t forget to add honey to the bottom of the glass. Moreover, top add a large ice cube, then pour the Smilov vodka over the ice and add some peppercorns into the glass. You don’t need to mix it, just sip it and feel the magical taste of this drink.

All of these cocktails will only taste the very best with Smilov Vodka!

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