Types of Cocktail Glasses – A Quick Guide to Elevate Your Home Bar Game!

The number of cocktail glasses and other types of glassware created for serving alcoholic beverages is perhaps as varied as the number of drinks that can be served in them. If you’re wondering how to elevate your home bar game, or if you don’t even know where to start when serving your own beverages, this is the guide for you.

Types of Cocktail Glasses

Coupe Glass

The coupe glass is another name for a champagne saucer. While no longer preferred for champagne, the coupe glass has been adopted by some cocktail connoisseurs as a vessel for craft cocktails.

Highball Glass

These glasses are on the taller side, designed specifically to hold a larger volume for cocktails with a high mixer to liquor ratio. Typically, cocktails are constructed directly within the glass itself by pouring the shaken ingredients over ice.

Collins Glass

Frequently distinguished as an alternative to a highball glass, Collins glasses will do well as a vessel for “highball” cocktails—a generous amount of non-alcoholic mixture, a shot or two of liquor, and ice. Side by side with a highball glass, a Collins glass will appear taller and narrower.

Lowball Glass

As its name implies, the lowball glass is a shorter version of its counterpart, the highball glass. The bottom of this glass is typically wide and sturdy, perfect for muddling mint or other herbs into cocktails.

Martini Glass

It’s not often that a type of glass can be so versatile as to form the basis of collections worldwide. With a conical bowl and a broad rim, martini glasses allow the drinker to fully enjoy the aromas of the liquor within.

Margarita Glass

Traditionally, these glasses are welled, meaning that the bowl is crafted in a couple of different “levels.” While the part of the bowl nearest to the stem is usually smaller, margarita glasses possess a much broader bowl atop this narrow outpouching.

Hurricane Glass

Presentation is everything & the pleasant curvature of this glass can easily add flair to a cocktail. This glass is on the larger side & was named after Hurricane cocktail which originated from New Orleans.

Copper Mug

You may know the Moscow Mule well. Vodka, ginger beer and all its spices, lime juice—simply reading these ingredients may evoke a nostalgia associated with this cozy, popular beverage. Just as important to the Moscow Mule’s tradition is the copper mug, which has been the most popular method of serving Moscow Mules for decades. Not only does the copper help to insulate the drink’s chill, but the handle assists the drinker in keeping warm hands far away. Some even insist that the copper itself boosts the taste of the drink, but we’ll leave that up to you.

Single Rocks Glass

Rocks glasses are short, broad, and sturdy components of every bartender’s essential glass collection. Cocktails served in these are typically made within the glass itself rather than in a shaker.

Shot Glass

Short, small, narrow, and sturdy, shot glasses are usually available in sizes between one and two ounces.

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